The Gentle Technique

Dr. Dadoun has been studying and utilizing a number of chiropractic techniques that are considered ‘gentle’ and ‘safe’. Over his 28years of practice, he has become Proficiency Rated in the following ‘gentle’ techniques: Activator Methods, Torque Release Technique (Integrator instrument), Koren Specific Technique, Neuromechanical Technique (Impulse instrument).

Dr. Dadoun has incorporated a unique system of spinal analysis and correction that utilizes all of them. He believes that a complete and thorough consultation, chiropractic spinal and musculoskeletal evaluation is necessary to properly assess an individual’s condition and situation. He has incorporated the use of Myovision Spinal Scan technology to help further evaluate and assess the spine.

Dr. Dadoun looks at the whole person – physically, emotionally and chemically past and present  in order to properly provide recommendations to re-establish spinal and overall optimal health and well-being. In our office we do not pressure, force or coerce anyone to have any care they do not need, require or want. We have an open door policy and the choice is always up to the patient.

To learn more about Dr. Dadoun’s unique technique, don’t hesitate to ask!